The Policy of DIMTECH A.E. aims to predict how we can continually meet our customers' quality requirements. This Policy will apply to all operations and activities of the company that relate to the Design, Construction, Trading, Installation, Technical Support of Filtration & Air Conditioning Systems and Systems from Thermoplastic Materials.

The main policy objective of DIMTECH A.E. is to supply products that meet the three main success factors:

In particular, the company's policy is:

  1. To market, manufacture, install and technically support products that comply fully with the requirements set out therein.
  2. Always comply with applicable Greek and Community legislation on Quality, Safety and Environment.
  3. Continually improve its quality-related functions so that its products are considered of High Quality.
  4. Have close cooperation with customers and suppliers.

To achieve this, the company has installed a Quality Management System that complies with ISO 9001: 2015.

We see the Quality System as a means of strengthening our corporate position:

  • Improving Quality
  • Reducing Costs
  • Ensuring Most Efficient Organization

Improving quality and preventing quality problems require awareness and systematic control of processes.

The way we use to control these processes is:

  • Clear definitions of responsibilities and tasks for each process or department.
  • The written documentation of how we perform the tasks.
  • Keeping written records
  • The Inspection of the implementation of the above (through Internal Audit).
  • The process of learning from company’s mistakes and improving.

The Company's management will supply the necessary resources (Equipment, Materials, Education, Personnel) to enable its objectives to be realized. We are committed to faithfully complying with our Quality Policy and its implementation by all employees, ensuring that it is acknowledged and comprehensible to all.

This is achieved by:

  1. The notification of the Policy (to the executives of the company)
  2. The organization of informative staff meetings
  3. The obligation of the Managers to inform their subordinates about it.

Demetrios Sideris
Executive Manager

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