Dry Scrubbers

Dry Scrubbers (DS) are a standalone or a polishing step for air treatment using molecular media.

Dimtech designs and manufactures dry scrubbers for long service life and easy maintenance - media change.

Dimtech's extensive experience in designing-constructing DS and selecting suitable media ensures the optimal arrangement.

Purafil's Molecular Media 

Dimtech is the exclusive dealer of Purafil products in Greece.

Purafil's patented, spherical, porous pellets remove gaseous pollutants from the air through a unique chemical process known as chemisorption.

Chemisorption is an instantaneous and irreversible process. During this process, the media converts harmful gases from the air into harmless materials trapped inside the pellet.

Choosing the correct Dry Scrubber

The high-efficiency odor removal system

Build-to-order systems

Dimtech provides build-to-order dry scrubbers

Purafil Media

Purafil's patented chemisorption media achieve 99.5% removal efficiency

Cost Saving

The choice of suitable media reduces operational costs.

Dry Scrubbers Advantages

  • Dimtech dry scrubbers remove up to 99.5% of pollutants from the air.
  • They can work in a wide range of conditions from -20oC up to 51oC and in humid conditions up to 95% RH.
  • All the systems' components are suitable for operation under corrosive conditions, ensuring a long and robust operation without maintenance.
  • A critical advantage of dry scrubbers is their easy installation and quick start-up.

Choosing the right Purafil media

The dry scrubbers are effective for a wide range of applications.

The mixture of molecular media is chosen for each specific application according to the present pollutants and their concentrations.

These systems can eliminate compounds like

  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Mercaptans 
  • Ammonia
  • Amines 
  • VOCs

Dry Scrubbing Equipment

Dimtech offers a wide selection of dry scrubber systems that meet the needs of various applications with different requirements and specifications.

  • Drum Scrubbers (DS)
    Vertical arrangement systems with multiple layers of molecular media.
  • Bed Scrubbers
    Horizontal arrangement systems with multiple layers of molecular media.
  • PSA 
    Side access units of horizontal airflow with multiple stages of filtration.
  • Manhole scrubbers
    This type of system is a passive dry scrubber for eliminating odors and air pollutants emitted from sewer well covers and wastewater wells.

Our engineering and design department offers custom-made solutions according to the restrictions and needs of each case.


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