Biofilters are the optimum biological filtration solution for treating low-concentrated and undefined odors. This environmentally friendly technology biodegrades the pollutants naturally to non-toxic compounds like carbon dioxide and water. Biofilters are based on a single process, they have low operating costs regarding energy, water consumption, and maintenance expenses. 

Biofilters consist mainly of a bed of organic material, where the pollutants' biological decomposition occurs. The organic material serves as both a substrate and nutrient source for the growth of bacteria. The air passes through the bed at low velocity, allowing the filter to absorb the odorous compounds, which subsequently diffuse in the biofilm and degrade. 

Why Biofilters?

The biological alternative for odor control


Biofilters use organic substrate for the pollutants' decomposition

Robust construction

Our systems are constructed with thermoplastic materials suitable for ensuring long lifespan


We offer an extensive range of biofilters arrangements

Biofilter Media: The nourishment source of bacteria

Depending on the application, different types and mixes can be applied.

Choosing the proper filter media or mixtures ensures the optimal operating conditions for metabolic activity, resulting in short start-up periods and high efficiency.

Dimtech offers filters that, besides odor abatement, maintain low operating pressure drop, good drainage, and long-lasting service time. 

Selecting suitable biofilter media to ensure the efficient removal of pollutants is essential.

Take into account the type of pollutants and the media's lifespan to avoid constant replacements and filter malfunctions.

Biofilter media that are used include: 

  • Wood chips
  • Tree bark
  • Peat
  • Coconut fibers

Extensive range of biofilter arrangements 

Dimtech offers a wide variety of tailor-made solutions, including: 

  • Single or multi-stage biofilter with upstream biotrickling filters, pre-washers, or chemical scrubbers
  • Vertical arrangements. The vertical version of biofilters ensures a lower footprint compared to the traditional ones.
  • Compact container biofilter systems
  • Closed-type biofilters for better conditions regulation

Our engineering and design department can offer the optimal biofilter version or propose a custom-made solution according to the restrictions and needs of each case. 


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