Systems for Special Applications

Dimtech offers air quality monitoring and filtration systems for applications like museums, data centers, and telecommunication facilities. In such cases, air quality is a crucial parameter for the exhibits' conservation and the electronic life span, as they are affected by air pollutants. 

Museums & Archives

Our indoor air quality systems are designed to secure the air quality class according to ASHRAE and ISO standards, ensuring the exhibits' integrity in museums, archives, and galleries. The proper filter arrangement removes dust, mold, ozone, solvents, and air pollutants at high rates.

Data Centers

Regarding the data centers, communication facilities, and electronic equipment, a common problem is the failures that derive from material corrosion. Especially after the introduction of stricter legislation regarding the use of hazardous materials in such applications, and according to ISA standards, pollutants like: 

  • Sulfur Oxides (SOX, NOX)
  • Ozon (O3)
  • Chlorine and inorganic compounds (Cl2, ClO2, HCl)
  • Hydrogen fluoride (HF)
  • Hydrogen sulfide

consist of the main corrosion factors for electrical and electronic equipment. Computer and electronic equipment manufacturers demand the G1 air quality class for the facilities where their equipment is installed. 


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