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    Protection against pathogenic viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.

    Air disinfection and cleaning systems and products that protect human health from airborne infections. They are applied in hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, schools and educational units, yachts, pharmaceutical companies, food industries, entertainment venues, etc.

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  • Extensive experience in air filtration

    Extensive experience in air filtration

    in the fields of land & marine.

    Particulate and gas phase filters and systems.

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  • Air filtration systems

    Air filtration systems

    for commercial, industrial & medical applications.

    We design, construct and support air filtration systems for customers' unique needs.

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  • Composite Materials

    Composite Materials

    with high resistance against corrosive environments

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Main implementation fields

Dimtech S.A. is a company specializing in the engineering design, construction and installation of systems related
to air filtration of not only particle (dust) but also gaseous (odour) pollutants.

  • Industry

    Air particulate load removal systems and pollutant neutralizers. Units for the protection of equipment from corrosion and oxidation. Security systems for tanks with toxic gases.

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  • Commercial Applications

    Systems to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in office buildings, homes, shopping malls, hotels, etc. Deodorization Systems in kitchen ventilation. Energy saving systems in Air Handling Units.

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  • Waste Water Treatment

    Deodorizing systems for the control of odours in sewage pumping stations and waste water treatment plants. Units for the protection of equipment against corrosion. Security systems for chlorine tanks.

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  • Marine

    Manufacture and supply of air purification systems to protect the crew, passengers, electronic equipment, machinery and cold stores. Design and installation of air conditioning systems for motor yachts. Maintenance and upgrading of existing air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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  • Hospitals – Pharmaceutical Facilities

    Construction and maintenance of cleanrooms. Particle class evaluations of spaces. Supply, installation and maintenance of air filters for operating theatres etc. Extraction systems for laboratories.

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  • Agricultural

    Ensuring air quality in museums, historical archives, art exhibitions and in areas with objects of great historical or other significance. Specialized applications in areas relating to airports, agricultural produce, foodstuffs, etc.

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