Plastic Technologies

DIMTECH S.A. manufactures a series of equipment made of U-PVC or polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) in order to satisfy customer needs and to supply heavy duty systems for corrosive and oxidative environments.

The advantage of equipment made of plastics is their high chemical resistance, long service lifetime, low weight and simple assembly. Some basic properties are listed below:

PVC - polyvinyl chloride: is characterized by high chemical resistance (especially to organic acids and lye), high stability and rigidity, high resistance to corrosion, operating temperature from 0 to +60˚C, as well as self-extinguishing capacity.

PP - polypropylene: high chemical resistance (especially to solvents and alcohols), high resistance to corrosion, hot water and water vapour, operating temperature from 0 to +80˚C, normally flammable material.

PE - polyethylene: high chemical resistance, high resistance to hot water and water vapour, UV resistant, operating temperature from -50 to +70˚C, normally flammable material.

The most common applications are systems for polluted air exhausting from various processes (e.g. chemical plants, galvanizing shops, metal pickling, chemical polishing and glass etching, neutralization of acids in sewage, ventilation of chemical storage spaces, etc.), liquid tanks, sheds and cabins, small storage depots etc.

Available in various configurations, dimensions, performance, to meet the requirements of each installation. In general they include:

  • Liquid tanks, of rectangular or circular cross-section, made from plastic solid sheets or panels. Option for additional reinforcement with steel plates if required. Additional equipment such as lids, manholes, spouts, partitions, ramps etc.
  • Sheds and cabins made from polypropylene copolymer panels (PP-Copo) suitable for installations where there are corrosive conditions (e.g. high concentrations of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide). The sheds can be used for the installation of electrical and mechanical equipment, storage of materials, storage of corrosive chemicals, as sentry boxes, toilets, etc.
  • Plastic air ducts for air transport in industries, toxic processes, laboratories, local ventilation, battery charging stations, sewage treatment plants, gas installations, hospitals, swimming pools, etc.
  • Sound attenuators (silencers) for marine ventilation systems or air filtration systems for industry, wastewater treatment and toxic processes.
  • Droplet separators for marine type ventilation systems or air filtration systems for industry, wastewater treatment and toxic processes.
  • Plastic components such as air dampers, t-shaped fittings, elbows, contractions, sockets, flanges, inlet / outlet ports, plugs, etc. for duct networks.


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