Hospital & Lab Equipment

The hospital and lab equipment class includes various types of filtering units that they are specifically designed for high demanding environments in terms of hygiene. They are suitable for particulate or gaseous pollutants or both. Available in various configurations, dimensions, performance, with or whitout fan, and certifications to meet the requirements of each installation.

Specifically they include:

  • Air shower units for personnel preparation rooms before entering a clean area.
  • Ceiling or wall mounted HEPA filter housings that can be mounted on the wall or wall-ceiling corner in a conspicuous position, in applications where installation over a suspended ceiling is not possible or in accordance to special space requirements.
  • HEPA hood filters which are the terminal stages of the air supply system in spaces that high air cleanliness, in terms of suspended particles, is required. The hoods can be installed on the false ceilings.
  • Safe Change filter housings that are designed to prevent the exposure of the operator to potentially hazardous or toxic contaminants that may be present. As contaminated filters are removed from the housing, any hazardous or toxic contaminants captured within the filter will be sealed within a safe change bag.
  • The RAP-med units which are used for air purification from physical, chemical and biological agents. The units remove particulates, dust, smoke, pathogens, bacteria, and gaseous pollutants from the air.
  • The RAP-lab units which are used for air purification in laboratories and production spaces. They remove particles, dust, and gaseous pollutants from the air.
  • PES-LAB unit which is a complete filtering system for lab exhaust and fume cupboards.


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