Absolute filters

Very high efficiency mini pleated air filters made of glass fiber paper media. They are made in HEPA and ULPA types and offer laminar air flow with low turbulence and uniform air velocity. Frame made of galvanized steel / stainless steel / MDF / aluminum. Sealing with polyurethane resin. Gasket made of elastomeric semi-circular material or special gel. Available in various types according to their position in the air-conditioning / ventilation / exhaust system and the temperature of operation. They are manufactured in standard or custom made dimensions. Available in H10/ H11/ H12/ H13/ H14/ U15 classes acc. to EN1822.

Applications: As final stage filters for very high quality HVAC applications. Duct or supply filters for cleanrooms in pharmaceutical or electronics manufacturing, lab hoods and cupboards, food industries, hospitals, operating theaters, intensive care units. Protection of environment in health care isolation rooms exhausts, professional kitchen exhausts, industrial exhausts.

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