Drum Scrubber (DS) units

The Drum Scrubber (DS) odor removal unit is a complete solution for the neutralization of odors and gaseous pollutants in relatively low air flows and concentrations.

DS units are manufactured with corrosive resistant polymer materials (PP, HPDE). They include a moisture elimination stage and one or more chemical filtering stages.

The units are designed for airflows from 90 m3/h to 1800 m3/h. The combination of chemical filters improves the efficiency of the unit and the lifespan of chemical filters. The units can be arranged in parallel (array) for increasing airflow or chemical media lifespan.

DS unit is simple to use, requires no supervision during operation and can be operated continuously for 1 or 2 years without maintenance.

Applications: Removal of odorous gases generated at wastewater pump stations, lift stations, wet wells and similar wastewater treatment areas. Also applicable in industrial processes.

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