Dry scrubbers

Dry air scrubbers force contaminated air through a contact chamber full of chemical media. Dry scrubbing utilizes solid-gas phase media in the form of pellets / granules or chemical filters. Air contaminants are captured by the media due to physical adsorption and/or chemisorption (reaction with impregnated compounds, forming solid products on the media surface). Clean air is exhausted into the atmosphere. When the reactivity of the dry media is spent, it must be replaced.

Configuration of dry scrubber units depends on their specific applications. Typically they include a fan, particulate filters and chemical media / filters. Optionally they may include air regulating dampers, fan motor speed control, droplet eliminator, manholes, corrosion resistant and / or explosion proof fans etc. Passive types without fan are also available.

Dry-scrubbing technologies can be very effective at a large range of air flows and concentrations of pollutants and have the ability to remove contaminant gases with high efficiencies.

Their field of applications is extensive and they can be used for removal of gaseous pollutants in in almost any industrial and commercial installation.


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