CA units

CA air purification units are used to protect control rooms και data centers from corrosion and oxidation. Their operation ensures the removal of dust, particulates and corrosive gases in successive filter stages.

The chemical media (chemical filter) is in the form of activated carbon-based granules and active alumina impregnated in sodium permanganate by at least 12%. The filters are mounted in plastic boxes or in the form of cells, making it easy to install and maintain. Each unit can be interconnected with air-duct network, it is totally compatible and can work in parallel with the air-conditioning and cooling systems.

The installation of the units ensures a category of space G1 or G2 according to ELOT EN 60654.04 (ISA 71.04-1985) so that the self-life of the equipment is not affected by corrosion and oxidation.

ECU units are manufactured in two types, with air flow rates of 1600 m3/h and 3200 m3/h. Their shell is made of AISI 316 stainless steel or aluminum.

Applications: Control rooms, data centers, production of electronics and integrated circuits, manufacturing of high precision optics, analytical labs, measurements and calibration labs.

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