Corrosion control

Often in electromechanical installations, air quality is not taken into account or is considered to be of secondary importance for their operation. However, in many cases, electrical and electronic equipment is exposed to airborne corrosive pollutants resulting from various processes, storage or transport of hazardous materials, leaks, final run-off to the environment, accidents, etc. Addressing the problem is considered vital to maintaining the equipment and The installation in the best possible condition but also for the staff working in these areas.

Manufacturers of the electrical and electronic equipment of an installation give special recommendations for the air quality required for proper operation. In practice, however, the equipment used does not have particular tolerances in environments with increased humidity and poor air quality. The use of special equipment in such cases is either impossible or very expensive and different ways of dealing with the problem are sought.

The most appropriate and cost-effective solution for dealing with the effects of active gaseous pollutants is to create a non-corrosive environment in the locations of vulnerable equipment. The most widely known and easy-to-use standard OF international recognition and application for the protection of electronic devices from corrosive environments is ISA-71.04-1985, "Environmental Conditions for Process Measurements and Control Systems: Airborne Contaminants," issued by International Society of Automation (ISA), based on which the following environmental classification classes are defined: G1, G2, G3 and GX.

DIMTECH systems neutralize airborne pollutants and corrosive gases from the air, resulting in the creation of a quality indoor environment that meets the strictest specifications regardless of the industrial environment in which they operate.

These systems operate by drawing air from the environment, removing particles and gaseous pollutants and supplying clean air where needed. The efficiency of the systems exceeds 99.5%.


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