Biotrickling filters

DIMTECH develops a biochemical range of air purification systems that operate with microorganisms. This series aims to remove foul-smelling gases emitted from liquid waste in biological treatment plants, sewage pumping stations and industrial processes.

This range is characterized by innovation, simplicity of operation, very low reagent consumption and very low waste production. It is based on the biological removal of gaseous pollutants from the air, through suitable microorganisms that grow in the form of biofilm in the packing material. The efficiency in the removal of pollutants can reach 99.5%.

These systems can be combined with chemical or dry scrubbers and their design is based on the requirements of each application (custom made).

Applications: in processes and facilities where high gaseous pollutant load is emitted or large concentrations of gaseous pollutants, such as refineries, food industries, chemical industries, animal husbandry, treatment plants and sewage pumping stations, etc.


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