Cylinders (cartridges / canisters) for chemical filters

Chemical filter cylinders (cartridges or canisters) are made from expanded galvanized or stainless steel and filled with activated carbon or other dry media in order to remove gaseous pollutants, odours and foul smells. They are connected with a quick fastening system (bayonet) to the supporting plate for multiple cartridges with special gasket in order to achieve maximum air tightness. The large surface area of the cylinders ensures the maximum possible neutralization of the pollutants for each calculated air flow.

Cartridges are refillable, they have low pressure drop and can accommodate large air flow. Also available in custom-made dimensions upon order. Combined with mechanical (particulate) filters, they also offer a solution for smoke, particles, grease or oil droplets, ash.

Applications: Cartridges are installed in one or more filtering stages in air handling units, kitchen ventilation of restaurants, F&B outlets, fast food shops, grills and BBQs, canteens, in ships' galleys and pantries, food preparation and processing facilities, general food and beverage establishments, building air supply systems, labs, industrial rooms and many more.


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