Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation lamps (UVGI LAMPS)

Ultraviolet germicidal radiation (UVGI) is used as a disinfection method in which ultraviolet light (UV-C) is emitted to kill or inactivate microorganisms, mainly by destroying their nucleic acids (DNA or RNA). Its action does not allow the creation of resistant forms of microorganisms as is the case with other methods of disinfection.

Dimtech S.A. supplies and installs a wide range of high quality, non-ozone-producing UVGI lamps that can be used in many parts of an air conditioning system such as air ducts, fan coils, central air conditioning units (in front of the cooling elements or into the drain pans) but also in autonomous air disinfection devices.

UVGI lamps do not require special maintenance, have low power consumption, are easy to install without requiring much space and can achieve a microbial load reduction of more than 99%. Their action against bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms has been proven by numerous studies.

Applications: in central air conditioning but also in local air treatment / disinfection units of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, food industries, museum offices, schools, shopping malls, super markets, production areas, ships, airport halls etc.


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