Toxic gas leakage

Chlorine, which is a very toxic gas, is stored in various water treatment facilities such as swimming pools, thermal spas, spas etc. The possible leakage of chlorine into the atmosphere creates problems over a wide area from the source of the leak. Risk management of such cases includes amongst other means the installation of emergency systems for the immediate treatment of the leakage.

Moreover, chlorine is added to water at the above mentioned facilities, and reacts with nitrogen compounds to form chloramines. The chloramines also have a strong odour of chlorine and are hazardous to our health. The inhaled chloramines affect swimmers and spectators at and visitors to these sites.

DIMTECH S.A. installs special neutralizing systems (Emergency Gas Scrubbers, EGSs) which are connected with the location of hazardous materials. The systems, with the appropriate arrangement are activated when they detect a gas leak or other emergency. In this case, the toxic gases are filtered and neutralized.

As regards the release of chlorine gas, the EGSs are supplied with a chemical filter material containing Purafil CHLOROSORB ® ULTRA. This material can retain chlorine gas, at least 15% by weight and ensure, with suitable sizing, a chlorine concentration at the outlet, at the most 25 ppb.

The EGS is simple in construction, requires maintenance only after a state of emergency, is safe, does not contain toxic chemicals and does not release any secondary chemical gases.

Regarding health protection against inhalation of chloramines of those who visit or use the pools and associated sites, it is possible to adapt the existing air-conditioning system or ventilation system with the Purafil chemical filter PuraGrid ™ CHLOROSORB ®.

This filter takes the form of a honeycomb block and is manufactured in the standard dimensions of commercial mechanical filters. In this way, it can easily be installed on existing air-conditioning units or ventilation units, with minor modifications. Also because of its special construction, it does not cause any significant drop in pressure and thus there is no need for any modification of the fan unit.

The retention of chloramines is achieved with chemisorption with CHLOROSORB ® material which is located in the structural mesh of the filter.


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