Leakage of toxic gases

Chlorine, which is a very toxic gas, is stored in industrial plants or waste water treatment plants. Possible leakage of chlorine into the atmosphere creates problems over a wide area from the source of the leak. Risk management of such cases include among other approaches the installation of emergency systems for the immediate treatment of the immediate leakage.

DIMTECH S.A. installs special emergency systems for neutralising toxic gases (Emergency Gas Scrubbers, EGSs) which are to be found at the location of the hazardous materials. Utililizing appropriate automatic devices the systems are activated when there is a gas leak or other emergency. In this case the toxic gases are filtered and neutralized.

As regards the release of chlorine gas, the EGSs are provided with chemical filter material containing CHLOROSORB ® ULTRA of Purafil. This material can retain at least 15% by weight of the chlorine gas and with proper sizing the chlorine concentration at the outlet will be at the most 25 ppb.

The EGS is simple to manufacture, it requires maintenance only after a state of emergency, it is safe, does not contain toxic chemicals and does not release any secondary chemical gases.


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