Compressor and Turbins

Compressors play an important role in industry, supplying compressed air to pneumatic automation, valves, certain processes and different instruments. The turbine is a versatile source of electricity, mechanical power and propulsion with many applications in power plants, refineries, on ships, in hospitals and in industry.

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Substations & Control Rooms

Corrosion can affect integrated circuits, electronic circuit boards, control relays, transformers, motor control systems, control device systems and finally every type of electrical or electronic equipment. This corrosive effect develops mainly in certain parts which are particularly sensitive: terminals, contacts, IC connectors, windings and electrical systems.

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Leakage of toxic gases

Chlorine, which is a very toxic gas, is stored in industrial plants or waste water treatment plants. Possible leakage of chlorine into the atmosphere creates problems over a wide area from the source of the leak. Risk management of such cases include among other approaches the installation of emergency systems for the immediate treatment of the immediate leakage.

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Pollution of outdoors environment

Industrial pollution of the outside environment is an important factor in production process as well as compliance with the legislation on the operation of the industrial / manufacturing units. Key component of industrial pollution is air pollution (atmospheric pollution).

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