Disinfection of Air-conditioning systems

The good condition of an air-conditioning system in terms of hygiene is a key element in maintaining at a high level the quality of indoor air. In this way an important factor in human health is ensured.

The basic steps related to the hygiene of an air-conditioning installation are:

  • Mechanical cleaning of vents
  • Chemical cleaning and disinfection

The mechanical cleaning of vents involves removing solid deposits from vents and network fittings using a special pneumatic nozzle and the simultaneous application of strong suction.

Using chemical cleaning to a large extent removes the various pollutants which are deposited on the internal surfaces of fittings of air-conditioning installations and which are not removed by mechanical cleaning. These pollutants are of various forms (solid deposits, oily substances, products of corrosion, colonies of microorganisms etc.) which either because it is strongly attached to the surfaces or because their size is too small, they are not effectively entrained by mechanical means. In this case, the chemicals used loosen the consistency of the deposits or react together to form harmless or easily withdrawn products.

The disinfection of the internal surfaces of air-conditioning installations concerns the reduction in the number of microbes to levels not harmful to human health.

The cleaning and disinfecting products used by our company are the NOVA-TECH INTERNATIONAL Inc. and BIO-CIDE INTERNATIONAL Inc. U.S. brands,of which we are the exclusive distributors in Greece and are specifically manufactured for use in air-conditioning systems. Whichever are characterized as disinfectants are registered at the Environmental Protection Agency in the US, that is, specifically for use in air-conditioning systems. All have the approval of the General Chemical State Laboratory. OXINE and ENVIROCON disinfectants have the approval of the National Organization for Medicine


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