Deodorization of commercial kitchens

Our company has odour removal units for professional kitchen ventilation, for grills and food preparation areas generally. The operation of the unit is based on chemical or electrostatic filters or a combination of both.

The kitchen unit KDSA (with chemical filters) series, neutralizes particles, soot, odors, grease and moisture completely.

KDSA units for kitchen ventilation are installed in the cooker hood and are connected with the kitchen areas that produce smoke or where there is smoke and odors such as in kitchen funnels or in washing facilities. The air stream in the deodorizer passes through a set of filters where particles, grease, soot and odors are removed.

The first stages of filtration of particles are fully washable with detergent and water.

KDSA kitchen units have a class F8 compact bag-filter (acc. to EN779) with the capability of retaining particles of up to 1micron in size and a special HEPA filter of the class H12 according to EN1822 with the capability of retaining particles of 0.3 microns with 99.95% efficiency.

The stages of particle filtering remove from the air stream:

  • Airborne droplets
  • Oil and fats
  • Fine particles and dust
  • Soot

The filters in the KDSA kitchen deodorant are constructed to the highest standards of fire safety. The units carry exclusively filters of the category K1/F1according to DIN 53438. The filters are constructed of materials that prevent the creation and development of flames on the unit.

Also, the units carry chemical neutralizing filters for odors and gaseous pollutants. Our company provides chemical filters made by Purafil Inc., a manufacturer of filtering products with many years of experience and an international presence in the field of air filtering. Purafil Inc. chemical filters consist of sophisticated dry chemical filter media and have the highest efficiency and longest lifespan.

The chemical filtering neutralizing stages from the air stream:

  • Gaseous pollutants
  • Volatile compounds
  • Odors

The chemical means in KDSA units is a mixture of activated carbon and activated alumina granules impregnated with oxidants.

The performance of the deodorization system exceeds 99.5%.

The chemical agent may be placed in refillable cartridges of activated carbon. The odours are absorbed when the air stream passes the existing chemical filtering layer. The cartridges are compatible with both simple non-impregnated activated carbon, and with higher efficiency impregnated chemical filters of Purafil. After the saturation of the chemical filters they are removed from the unit and reloaded with new chemicals. Our company manufactures cartridges of whatever size is required.

Alternatively the deodorizers have chemical filters in canisters of the PK-12 Purafil Inc. type. The canisters are made of recyclable polystyrene. They hold the chemical medium between parallel perforated plates in the shape of a V. Their aerodynamic shape allows them to operate with great benefits and with minimal space and pressure drop. The canisters are installed in the unit with the Purafil Posi-Track system. The canisters are placed at the side by sliding in J-track and T-track guides.

Electrostatic filters can handle large air volumes. Simple deodorizers with electrostatic precipitators (ESP) yield 85% in the retention of particles of 1 micron in size, while high efficiency deodorizers have a 95% yield. Improvement in performance is made by adding a mechanical filters stage.


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