KDSA units

KDSA Units
  • KDSA Units

Dimtech’s KDSA units are designed specifically to control kitchen exhaust emissions with efficiency at least 99,5%. These systems neutralize pollutants and protect neighborhood and environment from grease fumes, fine particulate mater, smoke and cooking odors.

KDSA units are constructed to fit available space in dropped ceilings, roofs etc. in horizontal or vertical designs. Their modular form allows for the use of multiple combination of filtering stages compatible with occupied space, efficiency, initial cost and maintenance schedules.

Three sections consist the typical configuration of KDSA units: mechanical filter section that may include prefilters, bagfilters and HEPA filters, chemical filter section including appropriate chemical media for odor elimination and fan section with suitable fan. Other fittings are also available upon order such as UV lamps, differential pressure gauges, fan motor inverters etc.

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